Communication and alert

Alert the various stakeholders in emergency situations


Rezilio Communication & Alert is a high-performance emergency call and alert communication system based on a state-of-the-art IP telephony infrastructure.

It reliably and robustly delivers the right messages to the right people via a full range of media and distribution channels.

Our Communication & Alert product is suitable for all environments (municipal, industrial, hospitals, education, public safety services, etc.) and is essential to your emergency, crisis management or business continuity plans.

Easy to use and versatile, Rezilio Communication & Alert integrates dynamic digital geomatics, enabling you to view the progress of your alerts and notifications in real time.

With this product, you can easily:

  • Send alerts and communications from your home or any other location connected to the mobile application.
  • Transmit voice messages and digital data (SMS-email) according to the priority order and time you choose.
  • View the progress of your alerts and messages via a management dashboard (responses received, transmitted and in circulation).
  • Broadcast your alerts and messages on networks such as Facebook and X (formerly Twitter).


  • Interconnected with Contact module
  • Mass import in CSV format
  • Multi-channel message transmission (SMS, voice message, e-mail)
  • Data hosted in Canada
  • Cascading call for designated “Responsible” persons
  • Call function and management of people on call according to a set schedule
  • 911 grade system
  • Interface with social networks
  • High launching capacity
  • Messages can be adapted to suit the means of transmission
  • Interactive communication (possibility of requesting confirmation of receipt of a message, confirming availability, etc.)
  • Interactive launch dashboard that lets you see how a launch is progressing