ALERT is a high-performance emergency call and alert system based on a state-of-the-art IP telephone infrastructure.

It ensures with reliability and robustness the transmission of the right messages to the right people via a complete range of means and channels.

Simple and versatile to use, it transmits voice messages and digital data (SMS-email) in the order of priority and at the time of your choice. It is interfaced with social networks, Facebook and Twitter. 

ALERT can beĀ adapted to all environments (municipal, industrial, hospitals, education, public security services, etc.) and is indispensable for your emergency, crisis management or business continuity plans.

Thanks to our mobile interface, you will be able to launch alerts and send communications from your home or any other connected location.

ALERTĀ integrates a dynamic digital geomatics that allows you to visualize in real time the evolution of your alerts and notifications. Finally, a management dashboard makes it easy for you to manage the received, transmitted and broadcast responses.