Virtual EOC (Emergency operation center)

A digital tool for managing events and crisis


Rezilio Virtual EOC keeps track of every event, collates critical information and decisions, and manages tasks and requests at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

It acts as a collective and corporate memory of the event, facilitating accountability and feedback. Rezilio Virtual EOC is more than an Excel tracking table; it’s a strategic management tool essential to any organization wishing to be more in control during crisis situations.

It was created to help and support decision-makers in the important management and leadership role they assume during a crisis. For the organization, it is important to have a global vision of the issues at stake, so as to be able to make the best decisions.

Please note that the term Rezilio Virtual EOC can also be used to refer to operating log, logbook, handrail, etc.


With this product, you can more easily:

  • Ensure a chronological follow-up of one or more events simultaneously
  • Identify, analyze and prioritize issues more quickly
  • Manage the execution of the tasks that will be proposed to you according to the nature of the event
  • Transmit requests to members of your organization or external partners by email or SMS and be able to monitor the level of execution.
  • Visualize the location of an event through interactive geomatics
  • Manage multiple events simultaneously wherever they occur
  • To trace critical decisions made during the crisis
  • Quickly obtain a status report on the situation and the progress of the event
  • Manage a crisis for several hours or even days without losing track of it.
  • Testify about your actions and decisions before the authorities or in case of litigation
  • Efficiently transfer information when there is a change in succession…