Our solutions are deployed in many companies and organizations in North America and Europe and supported by local partners. 

Our team is multidisciplinary. Composed of experts in crisis management and disaster response, software engineering and programming, specialists in UX, artificial intelligence, security and quality, etc., our team is multidisciplinary.

We are fully committed to providing emergency and crisis management practitioners with a reliable, robust and high-performance digital application so that they can rely on REZILIO at all times during a critical time.

Architect of a Resilient World

Through its architecture, the REZILIO eco-system promotes collaboration and interoperability between stakeholders who wish to be more resilient.

REZILIO is an advanced digital solution that allows you to manage in a single interface all your plans, sites and events, organizations, departments and services.

Multi plan

Thanks to its versatility and adaptability, Rezilio allows for the integrated management of several types of plans, whether it be :

  • Crisis and contingency management plan
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Business Continuity and Resumption Plan
  • Municipal and Government Emergency Preparedness Plans
  • Communal backup plan
  • Safety and security plan
  • Fire safety plan
  • ORSEC Plan (departmental, zonal, national)

In addition to managing multiple plans, Rezilio facilitates integrated risk management and treatment as well as prevention measures. It collects preparation activities as well as feedback.

Multi organization

With its innovative configuration that aims at cooperation and interoperability between partners willing to work together before, during and after crises and disasters, Rezilio contributes with its technology to make the different stakeholders more resilient individually and collectively.
Thus, several organizations, whether public, private, etc., can share data or information in real time IF they wish to do so.

Multi event 

Because we must be prepared to manage several crises and disasters, REZILIO allows the simultaneous management of several events wherever they occur, thus providing a global vision of the resulting stakes for the coordination and crisis management unit.

Multi site

In order for an organization to have an overview, REZILIO gathers information for all sites, making it easy to consult the relevant information and to visually locate each site with the help of an integrated geographical map.

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