Plans manager

Manage your resilience plans digitally.


Our product Rezilio Plans manager is an advanced digital solution that allows you to digitally manage all your plans, sites and events, organizations, departments and services in one interface. It fosters collaboration and interoperability between stakeholders who want to be more resilient. 

The Rezilio Plans manager platform is customizable, simple and intuitive. In addition to being scalable and quick to implement within your organization, it is adaptable regardless of its size

With this product, you can easily:

  • Standardize your protocols, procedures and guidelines;
  • Keep your response plans up to date with a time savings of 70% and more;
  • Harmonize your response and management methods;
  • Provide up-to-date information and data to your organization;
  • Support the lack of personnel;
  • Support the transfer of knowledge to people who must assume duties in the event of a crisis or event.

Rezilio is multi-purpose

In addition to managing multiple plans, our Rezilio Plans manager product is multi-organization, multi-event, multi-site, all simultaneously!

Rezilio Plans manager facilitates risk management and event response. With our product, you can fully manage all types of plans:

  • Crisis and contingency management plan;
  • Emergency response plan;
  • Business continuity and recovery plan;
  • Municipal and governmental civil protection plans;
  • Communal backup plan;
  • Safety and security plan;
  • Fire safety plan;
  • ORSEC plan (departmental, zonal and national);
  • Cybersecurity plan
  • Environmental Emergency Plan
  • Etc.


The basic features of the Rezilio Plans manager platform are among the most advanced and complete on the market. 

  • Multi-access: computer, cell phone, tablet, and mobile application
  • Addition of images, photos, files, videos, hyperlinks, maps, etc
  • Multi-level of intervention (strategic, tactical and operational)
  • Map interface with Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Dynamic resource directory with automatic updates of contact information;
  • Centralized location for architectural and technical drawings; Unites all plans under one platform
  • Centralized location for architectural plans and technical drawings
  • Advanced plan editing module
  • Perpetual incrementation of versions and changes
  • Multi-factor authentication system (MFA)
  • Traceability of actions and changes (who? date? time?)
  • Simultaneous access to multiple users
  • Visualization of previous versions of texts
  • Durability of information and creation of a corporate memory;
  • Editor and chief editor function (approval of changes)
  • 24/7 support in case of emergency
  • Customizable menus (colors and icons) that can be swapped if necessary
  • Step-by-step help system for navigation or administration
  • Interoperable with other organizations, wherever they are in the world