Rezilio helps you mitigate risks in the face of crises to quickly help you return to normal operating levels.

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Business sectors where Rezilio is active

Make sure your employees are ready into strategic, operational, and tactical levels in face of crisis, efficiently and securely.

Who is Rezilio ?

We design innovative digital applications for dynamic and intelligent risk management and predictive event management to make organizations more resilient to crises and natural disasters.

What can Rezilio do for you?

Rezilio optimizes your preparedness and your level of resilience in the face of disasters: fire, outages, spill or hazardous material, train derailments, earthquakes, pandemics and more.

In the context of a changing world, Rezilio provides terrorism and cyber-attack intervention plans.

Our application

Rezilio provides an intuitive, simple customizable interface accessible 24/7 that can be quickly integrated at the operation level.

Out of the box

Contenu multilingue

Multilingual content: Publishing, editing and visualization content tools.


Integration of various file formats such as jpg, gif, docx, pdf, and xlsx. Printable and exportable content.

Access management

User and administrator access control levels, temporary accesses, reports and more.


News module with automated and mandatory user read confirmation.

Subject Matter Dictionary

Optimal words, terminologies, and acronyms management tool.

Geo Mapping

A central point for your interactive maps containing locations for first responders, coordinated teams, weather conditions, roads, architectural plans, technical drawings, and more.

Incident Management

Aggregating data of chronological management of isolated or related incidents for teams and individuals.

Resource Contact Management

Manage resources and contacts with automated systems to keep key assets up to date in case of an emergency and crisis.


Rezilio adapts to your current system and content with its intrinsic interoperability capacities/capabilities.

Optional Modules


Customizable control panel, geo-map interface, request system, follow up on tasks and situation development, and statistics module

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Schedule management

On-duty list module for managing schedules and key contacts in case of an emergency

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Alert broadcast

COMALERTE module for mass alert broadcasting with target reach confirmation

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