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Data Management

The collection, processing, management, sustainability and availability of data and plans scattered throughout the organization are under-utilized, under-valued and obsolete much of the time.
Our Plan Manager solution is designed to ensure a smooth workflow as your business continuity, crisis or contingency plan matures, and may even need to be implemented.

Crisis Management

During a crisis, coordinating resources, making decisions, knowing who does what, when and how, and keeping track of actions and decisions in a turbulent and stressful environment are major challenges.
The Virtual EOC is an intelligent control system for managing multiple events simultaneously, ensuring real-time traceability and fostering collaboration between teams.

Alert systems

The absence of continuous monitoring, unreliable alert systems and interactive communications with stakeholders represent major risks during a major event.

Alert is a user-friendly system that ensures effective two-way communication and rapid alerts when minutes count. Easy to use, our solution is sure to please.

Why choose Rezilio?

Rezilio was designed by crisis management specialists with almost 40 years of experience who dictated their needs to software developers (not the other way around). In an emergency this makes all the difference.

Concerned about its societal contribution, Rezilio wants to help organizations become more resilient to crises and the impacts of climate change by simplifying the task of preparing for and responding to crises and emergencies and by giving you peace of mind.

Who’s Rezilio for?

Rezilio’s SaaS platform and its specialized modules are aimed at public and private organizations that are looking for an advanced, simple and efficient digital tool to be better prepared to face any eventuality.

Simple and user-friendly products

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How does Rezilio help you?

Rezilio optimizes your preparedness and resiliency in the face of natural disasters, fires, water and power outages, hazardous material spills and leaks, train derailments, terrorist attacks, pandemics and other disruptive events. 

A turnkey solution that integrates several crisis management tools essential for prevention, preparation, response and recovery operations.

When the time came for the emergency measures manager to go away on retirement, with him, we planned the knowledge transfer, and took the opportunity to transfer all the data to the Rezilio platform. 

The tool facilitated the transition since we now find in one place the intervention and continuity plans, the incident/accident log, the resource directory, and more.
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Rezilio adapts to the size of your organization

From organizations with one or more departments to small and medium-sized businesses without a dedicated response unit, Rezilio adapts to the size of your team to maximize your efficiency and minimize your response time.

Our solutions are easy to use and meets the needs of organizations, regardless of their level of complexity, so that each crisis manager can finally rely on digital tools that are adaptable to his or her organization and that specifically meet his or her needs. 

With our products, you no longer need to ask yourself the question of who, when and how. It reminds you of the best actions to take when faced with the unexpected. This gives you peace of mind. 

All our customers benefit from the same top performance. After all, helping and protecting you is part of our DNA. 

Rezilio complies with regulations to ensure the security of your data

Everything has been planned to meet the compliance and security requirements of your IT department. Your data is hosted in one of our highly secure data centers located in Canada and in the European zone. 

The infrastructure is redundant, monitoring is continuous and access to servers is strictly controlled. All data is encrypted and backups are made at regular intervals. 

We comply with the Canadian Data Protection Act, Law 25: Protection of Personal Data and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are also SOC-2 certified.

Rezilio: prepared for any eventuality

Rezilio allows you to get back to business faster and more efficiently. It reduces the time spent on maintaining emergency response plans by more than 60%. 

With our products, you will be able to ensure and demonstrate your regulatory compliance with the authorities thanks to the traceability and approval of changes to your procedures and response instructions in the event of an event. 

They help you to manage the technical and regulatory environment of your facilities, to harmonize your actions and to ensure the congruence of your response actions in case of an event.