Governmental Departments and Agencies

Government ministries and agencies all have an up-to-date role and mission in disaster and crisis situations.
The preparedness of these agencies must be optimal because it depends on the proper functioning of the state. Thus, several departments and services are either concentrated in a single location or distributed in several buildings, cities, etc

The organization of the response to crises and disasters represents a major challenge both for the congruence of the expected actions but also for the maintenance of up-to-date information and its availability to the different actors of emergency plans, business continuity or crisis management.

Rezilio has been designed to be able to share or pool data or information, facilitate data management, and update directories of resources. It is able to allow you to access all your plans wherever you are.

Rezilio allows the management and updating of several hundred plans, ensuring congruence without forgetting the interoperability between different government departments and agencies.