Rezilio Logbook, the most reliable corporate memory during a crisis!

In the wake of recent disasters and cyber incidents, it is more important than ever for an organization to have an efficient and simple tool to follow the evolution of a crisis situation.

In a global context of crisis management, information arrives in abundance and in a very short period of time at the beginning of an event. The traceability of decisions is crucial in the event of a legal challenge or to demonstrate the actual chronology of the response to the incident.  

A technological tool such as Rezilio Logbook helps you to obtain a global vision of an event and its stakes. It also allows you to manage multiple events simultaneously, which is not possible with an Excel file or any other handwritten means.

With Logbook, you can assign requests, follow the chronology of an event, identify the actions to be taken, obtain a global or individual vision of the decisions taken, see the evolution of the facts, send requests by email or SMS and more.

You won’t forget anything with this checklist, regardless of your role or the stage of an incident response. It integrates your preparation elements (listing actions, categorizing priorities and determining the time frame) with the response by collecting all the facts resulting from the evolution of the event, both at the strategic and tactical level and at the operational level.

This makes Rezilio Logbook your most accurate corporate memory and it tells the story as it really happened!

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