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REZILIO tested in the province of Barcelona to manage urban resilience plans

Ignasi Fontanals, Europe director

For years now, cities in the province of Barcelona have had the opportunity to request the drafting of resilience plans for infrastructure and urban services through the Diputacío de Barcelona. This local Spanish entity offers technical assistance to every province and department’s communities in various areas of municipal management.

By 2050, it is estimated that the cost of natural disasters worldwide could increase up to 50% than today’s levels due to the growing frequency and severity of events, rising sea levels and the concentration of populations in risk areas. With the storms and floods that have affected Barcelona’s coastline and small and medium-sized towns in the territory, the creation of urban resilience plans is becoming increasingly necessary for municipalities in this region. Thus, the Department of Infrastructure and Natural Spaces of this administration is testing Rezilio’s platform in Malgrat de Mar’s city to manage its urban resilience plan. 

The urban resilience plans in this region of Spain strengthen the preparedness to better face, ease recovery and improve the effectiveness of the response to impacts of natural, human or technological origin. With the aim of reducing costs from all types of hazards on infrastructure, the plans propose strategies, but also concrete actions and monitoring systems allowing the Diputació and the city concerned to assess the investment needs so that the latter, its inhabitants and its essential services become more resilient to crisis. They are developed in consultation with the various municipal services and operators of essential services from the facilitation of workshops with all the territory’s resilience stakeholders concerned. Because of transversality, other plans are often taken into account, such as sustainable energy action plans, crisis plans, urban drainage plans or climate change plans. 

More and more, cities need to work with a myriad of plans containing multiple information about the city and its essential services needed to improve their organizational and territorial resilience. The Diputació’s project on Malgrat de Mar aims to test how Rezilio is able to integrate all these types of plans in a single interface, and how the platform’s different functionalities can make the creation, monitoring and maintenance of urban resilience plans easier for the drafters. With the digitization of the process of creating a plan, the Department of Infrastructure and Natural Spaces, in collaboration with the departments involved, should help communities plan and adopt measures to improve their resilience to disasters in different fields as of water cycle, waste, mobility, energy or crisis management.

The Rezilio solution is deployed in more than 300 organizations of all sizes and from all industries in North America and Europe. Learn more about how Rezilio can help you and contribute concretely to your urban resilience plan, do not hesitate to contact us.

Picture ©A beach in the province of Barcelona after the passage of storm Gloria. CREDIT EFE

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